MEDIA RELEASE: Government's unfair budget unravelled during Treasurer's speech

The Morrison Government’s unfair budget unravelled as the Treasurer delivered his budget speech on Tuesday night
It was revealed at Senate estimates yesterday that Social Services staff were instructed to cost the Government’s embarrassing Energy Assistance backflip, right as the Treasurer was on his feet in the chamber. 
The Government – backed into a corner by Labor over the exclusion of Newstart recipients, students, carers, parents and veterans from the one-off payment – awkwardly retreated the very next morning. 
Testimony from Senate estimates revealing how the Veep-like debacle played out behind the scenes: 
DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: So on Budget night we received a request from Minister Fletcher’s office to commence preparing for legislative and costing changes should a decision be taken.
MCALLISTER: Right, and what time was that?
DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: It was around the time of the budget speech.
MCALLISTER: Before or after the budget speech, Mr Williamson?
DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: My recollection is it was during it.
Senator Mitch Fifield was also unable to confirm whether the Minister for Social Services was even present at the Government’s high-level backflip workshop which involved the Prime Minister, Treasurer and Finance Minister. 
On Wednesday, we weren’t sure whether the budget would last longer than Lateline to lunch time. But it turns out the Government was in trouble even before the Treasurer left the despatch box. 
The Government can chop and change all it wants, but Australians won’t forget the six years of chaos, cuts and demonization of people in need of income support.