Local Issues


Schools in Barton alone stand to lose $14 million over a decade. 

The funding provided to schools in Barton, in NSW and across the whole country is key to providing quality education for our children. The Labor Party shares the concerns raised by many in our community about the Turnbull Government’s changes to school funding and the impact these changes will have on our schools. We will continue to fight for fairer funding for all schools - whether they be public, Catholic or independent.

Labor will work to ensure all schools get the support they deserve. Investing in schools is one of the smartest things we can do as a nation.  This is why, when Labor was in government, we increased school funding in the fastest time to the neediest schools.

Sadly, the Turnbull Government has scrapped Labor’s system.  Based on their own Budget figures, the Government is planning to deliver $6.3 billion less to schools in the next four years and $22.3 billion less in the next ten years than what Labor had agreed to do.

We want better schools, better results, and better support for our great teachers. Working with you, we can ensure that every child in every classroom gets every opportunity to succeed.



Many residents in Barton were born overseas and are in the process of becoming Australian citizens. They are hard-working individuals and families who have chosen to to make Australia their new home.  Under the current rules, residents must have live the past 4 years in Australia, with at least 12 months as permanent residents.  All residents must sit a test in English.

The current Government has proposed changes which would require residents to be permanent residents for at least four years.  The Government has indicated that it would require applicants to demonstrate 'competent' English language listening, speaking and writing skills. This equates to IELTS Level 6 - which is a university level English test.

Labor will fight these changes. Permanent resident holders are already subject to strict security checks. It only serves to delay people from pledging allegiance and isolates communities. Requiring university level English is an act of snobbery and sends the message that people are not welcome in Australia.