Liberals out-of-touch on the realities of the jobs market


"Giving (people) more money would do absolutely nothing ... probably all it would do is give drug dealers more money and give pubs more money.” – Senator Anne Ruston, Minister for Families and Social Services

These comments about Australians trying to get jobs are disappointing base politics, that go against the evidence.

That they would be made to a single parents forum is particularly disappointing and out of touch.

Families know just how hard it can be to get work, particularly in the regions. 

The reality is this:

  • The Government’s own figures show there are 19 job applicants for every one job.

  • One quarter of Newstart recipients are over the age of 55 – and the number of over-55s on Newstart has surged by a staggering 45 per cent under the Liberals and Nationals.

  • One in five Newstart recipients have a job, but don’t earn enough or receive enough hours to get off Newstart.

If the Liberals were doing a good job managing the economy the Reserve Bank wouldn’t have needed to cut interest rates.

It is time the Liberals brought forward the mid-year budget update to present a plan to get the economy moving again.

Linda Burney

Media release - Thursday, 3 October 2019