Media reports reveal that the online portal for the National Disability Insurance Scheme has been the subject of a major privacy breach. 

A design flaw in the NDIS online portal has exposed personal information and presented a serious fraud risk. 

The privacy breach has led to the online portal being shutdown indefinitely. 

The Minister needs to immediately explain:

•    How many people were affected by this privacy breach? 

•    Have affected people been notified? 

•    Has fraud occurred and to what extent? 

•    When will the NDIA online system be functional again? 

The Digital Transformation Agency must also explain how it is working with departments and agencies to help avoid these incidents when undertaking digital transformation projects within those organisations.

The NDIS exists to improve the lives of people with a disability. And taxpayers should not have to worry about fraud risk. The Government should really have sorted these kinds of issues at this stage of the rollout. 

People with disability are paying the price because this Government has treated the NDIS like a political football, instead of focusing on getting the rollout right.   

This is the latest in a long series of privacy breaches under the Abbott Turnbull Morrison Government. 

Last month, users of the Centrelink mobile phone application Centrelink Express Plus Mobile reported that they could see the current details of ex-partners, sparking fear among individuals fleeing family violence.  

In June, it was revealed that a client’s Centrelink forms containing personal information had been given to the wrong person. 

Last year, it was revealed that Medicare card details had been sold on the dark web.