Who does Scott Morrison think he is kidding?
For five budgets he has supported increasing the pension age to 70.
Scott Morrison was Treasurer for more than 1,000 days – and every day he wanted to increase the pension age to 70.
“I’m proposing it should be 70, the Labor Party doesn’t agree with me but that’s what we’re proposing.”

[Scott Morrison, Address to the National Press Club, 25 February 2015]
Now he expects Australians to believe him when he says he has changed his mind.
It’s a transparent and desperate attempt to save a divided and dysfunctional government – and one rushed out by a Prime Minister in a clumsy attempt to beat the leaks.
Make no mistake – if he gets the chance, Scott Morrison will cut the pension and increase the pension age – it’s in the Liberal DNA.
The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison government has tried to cut the pension in every budget.
This includes cutting pensioner concessions; a plan to cut pension indexation, leaving pensioners $80 per week worse off; trying to axe the energy supplement for new pensioners; and a deal with the Greens political party to change the assets test and cut the pension for 370,000 Australians.
Labor has fought the Liberals’ cuts to the pension.
Panic is at the heart of this Government – not concern for pensioners.
The Liberals will always put tax cuts for the top end of town ahead of ordinary Australians.
No matter who leads the Liberals, they can’t be trusted with the pension.
The only way to protect older Australians is to vote Labor at the next election.