The Government should not proceed with its counterproductive plan to change the Disability Support Pension (DSP) rules for people leaving prison.
This will put people with disability – who are particularly vulnerable upon leaving prison – at risk of recidivism, homelessness or social isolation.
DSP recipients who serve a prison sentence, can currently have their payments suspended for up to two years, without having to reapply for the DSP upon their release.
From 1 January 2019, the Government will force people to reapply after a 13 week suspension.
This proposed change is counterproductive. It is bad for individuals and bad for the community.
Particularly given the high risk that people will fall through the cracks as a consequence of the chronic delays in DSP application processing.
People with disability make up 18 per cent of the general population, but 30 per cent of people entering prison.
Yesterday, the Senate supported a motion moved by Shadow Minister for Disability and Carers Senator Carol Brown, calling on the Government to reverse this decision.