Centrelink Call Wait Times

Kieran, you’ve made a really good point. I mean it is not 30 million unanswered calls. In the last financial year there are 55 million unanswered calls. And what really concerns me is the call wait time, particularly for people on an Age Pension, remembering that people on the Age Pension are the biggest cohort in terms of users of Centrelink, the call wait times have gone up dramatically by that cohort. And what really worries me is that as much as Centrelink people like trying to be pushed on to using the Internet and using e-commerce, the group that's most affected by that has the least access, the least understanding of how to use a computer to access information, are in fact senior and older people who have worked their whole lives, and have a right to an age pension, they are being the most disadvantaged at the moment.